GIS Consultancy

Understanding the social housing market and how GIS mapping can benefit organisations is an expertise that only comes from working within the industry for many years.  ODCGIS offer unrivalled experience, having worked for over 80 social housing providers, from some of the smallest to some of the largest.  Whatever your requirement, regardless of how many properties you look after, we can help you.

GIS Company Health Check

ODCGIS staff have over 100 years of GIS experience between them, not only with different GIS but also in many different data types and data quality issues.

We can perform an analysis of your GIS Set up and data layers to identify if improvements are required or to see where new technology maybe better placed.

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Business Case Creation

ODCGIS understand that it can be a difficult task making the business case for a GIS when your organisation doesn’t have a GIS and haven’t seen the benefits first hand.

This is where ODCGIS’s experience comes in, not only in GIS, but in housing too.

We will help you to create a business case so your organisation can easily identify the benefits across all housing departments.  It’s not just about saving money, but also about using GIS to access data in a new way to drive efficiencies, and also support the organisation to move forward on business transformation projects.

To talk to us, you can call 01993 851053 or click on the button below and we’ll get back to you.

Data Analysis

ODCGIS have been capturing GIS data for over 25 years and this has consisted of various data capture projects. Some being completely fresh new capture and others where we have had to deal with past data issues and then compliment with new information.

ODCGIS have built various GIS Analysis tools to enable us to get a true reflection on the quality of your data, whether it be looking at data joining, overlaps or gaps etc.

Housing Stock Lettings profiles

These have become very popular amongst our Managed Service clients and therefore we decided to provide these as a service more widely for anyone to take advantage of.

Each lettings profile is designed to the individual clients requirements and not only includes a map, details of local schools and transport etc but can also incorporate things such as floor plans and property photos.

See the case study below:

Right to Buy

Tenants wishing to purchase their rented property require an ownership plan often outsourced to a Solicitor at a substantial cost. ODCGIS are able to produce these plans far more efficiently and offer this service at a cheaper rate, not only to their Managed Service clients, but to any organisation requiring Right to Buy Plans or Red Line Plans as they are sometimes referred to as.

Development Site Plans

Ordnance Survey can take up to 6 months, if not longer, to update their MasterMap meaning the currency of your data can be compromised.  ODCGIS identified the problems this could cause and so came up with the option to take the site Development Plan and capture the information from that as an interim measure.  This will at least give a good approximation of the proposed land use for that site.  Once Ordnance Survey update the area, we can capture the information to the new base mapping taking account of any changes to the original plan and giving an accurate breakdown of land use for the new site.

Property Sales Plans

Creating Property Sales Plans is a task taken up by many of ODCGIS’s Managed Service clients.

In essence these are maps created for the sale or potential sale of a property. Where we produce a to scale plan along with Ordnance Survey Mastermap data and any leasehold requirements.

Most organisations use solicitors to produce these, however this can be an expensive way of having them produced with prices ranging anywhere from £100 to £300 a time. ODCGIS can offer these at a fraction of the cost.

See the case study below

COVID-19 Interactive Map

During the Covid pandemic ODCGIS created a COVID-19 Map that was updated daily to give a detailed breakdown for each Tier in each of the Home Nations and what the restrictions were. 

The map  showed the total number of cases for each region, the number of cases in the previous 24 hours and the % age change.

By loading their properties and staff locations, organisations were able to plan their business continuity on a daily basis taking into account local restrictions.

As part of ODCGIS’s social responsibility the map was made available for FREE to all social housing providers, regardless of whether they were a client or not. 

Click on the link below to view a case study giving an example of how ODCGIS helped their Managed Service clients during the lockdown.

Webinars – The Benefits of GIS Mapping to Social Housing Providers

ODCGIS have hosted two webinars that were free to all social housing professionals.  The aim was to share best practice and to demonstrate some of the ways that housing associations are using GIS Mapping.  Eight housing professionals from 7 different housing associations of various sizes and spread around the UK have shared their experiences to a varied audience, some who already have GIS and looking for new ideas and some who are dipping their toes / building a business case to embrace GIS.  Click on the button below to find out more and view the recordings of the 2 webinars.

Electrical Apparatus Compensation

Potentially, you can claim compensation for the presence of Electrical Apparatus on or near your properties. Apparatus includes Wooden Poles, H Poles, Twin Poles, Support stays, Pylons, Transformers – or just Cables. You can join many other Social Housing providers who are receiving tens – or sometimes even hundreds – of thousands of pounds compensation for High Voltage Apparatus. Also ensure you are receiving the Wayleave Payments for Low Voltage Apparatus. You can claim compensation for any apparatus which restricts development.

Your claim will be evaluated efficiently without any fuss – our expertise and experience ensures you receive the maximum amount. ‘No Win – No Fee’ You are under no obligation to accept any offer we obtain for you…so there is no reason not to enquire further