Housing Management

One of the main reasons for Housing Associations using GIS is for Grounds Maintenance contracts to have accurate information. This can lead to significant cost savings along with many other benefits GIS offers as it creates insight and improves day to day processes.  Here are just a few examples of how GIS can help in Housing Services

Lettings Location Profiles

Using GIS to produce a letting profile will help to let a property and potentially reduce the number of offers which lead to nothing. Illustrating things like school catchment and local services can make a big difference to the information you provide.

Patch Demand

Conducting a patch demand analysis can help you to achieve patches that reduce travel and increase productivity as well as making them more fairly spread for your officers.

Rent Arrears

GIS can quickly identify problem areas where rent arrears are higher than average.  By bringing in your investment data, customer survey data or Open Data sets such as ASB you will be able to build a picture and identify possible reasons for the poor performance.


The results from regular Customer Surveys can be fed into GIS to give a quick visual summary of the survey and highlight areas to focus on to answer issues that may have arisen.

GM Data Capture/Service Charge Setting

Having a Managed Service will allow your grounds maintenance data to be maintained ensuring you always have up to date and accurate maps for all your Estates.  Easy management and access to relevant and accurate information allows you to reduce the time spent on queries and the data can also support service charge setting.

Voids & Terminations

Identify where problems are present, look for trends of emigration suggesting that the area itself presents a problem. Analysing this alongside termination reasons provides valuable insight.  GIS will help you identify where problems are present, looking for high levels of short rentals, are there trends of emigration suggesting that the area itself presents a problem?

ASB Analysis / Exclusion Zones

Map where ASB is occurring in your neighbourhoods helping you to decide whether you need to change the shift pattern of ASB and Housing Officers. Identify where initiatives may help.