GIS Data Provision

ODCGIS are licensed partners with Ordnance Survey allowing us to supply you with just the mapping you need by ‘cookie cutting’ around your properties thus keeping your cost to a minimum.  We also supply Land Registry polygons and have access to a wide range of ‘Open Data’ sets allowing you to analyse your properties against ‘real world’ data.

Ordnance Survey Mapping

As the National Mapping Agency, Ordnance Survey supply a number of data sets.  However, in a change of policy they are ‘Migrating all direct customers to their Partner Network’ of which ODCGIS is a proud member.  Ordnance Surveys flagship dataset is MasterMap Topography which at a nominal scale of 1:1,250 shows each building footprint as well as property boundaries.  Other datasets include imagery and AddressBase Premium.  Data is licensed on an annual basis.

Land Registry Polygons

These are extremely important as they identify clearly what land you own and therefore have responsibility for in the eyes of the law. Data is licensed on an annual basis.

When purchasing Land Registry boundaries it is also possible to supply all adjoining Land Registry polygons to help identify neighbouring housing associations and organisations.

Open Data

Generally, Open Data refers to Government data sets-either from Local or Central Government or from bodies such as the Office of National Statistics, Health Boards etc.  The data comes in many formats and is updated within varying time frames.