GISMO (Geographic Information System Mapping Online)

GIS licenses can be costly and having a GIS Manager to run it can also be expensive.  ODCGIS recognised this could be an issue for some housing associations and so offer a cloud based GIS – GISMO which is white labelled for ODCGIS from XMAP and/or GISCloud -and has been designed especially to meet the requirements of social housing providers.

The beauty of the system is that ODCGIS Officers look after the mapping, carrying out tasks and delivering reports/data as required leaving our clients to get on with their work.  Named GISMO, the software is fairly intuitive requiring only minimum training and allows our Managed Service clients to view the data without any worries about what’s happening behind the scenes.  You access your data through any of the mainstream internet browsers.

The data remains your property and can be retrieved as required, with the maintenance and production of any maps / reports undertaken by ODCGIS, thus eliminating the need to acquire and maintain GIS software licenses or hire a specialist GIS officer.  

Once you have your data within GISMO then ODCGIS can support you by maintaining your data, keeping it up to date and creating new layers etc to visualise analysis or new data sets which is all covered by your GIS Managed Service package.

ODCGIS  host your data in one of the world’s leading GI systems. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the data that can be included:

  • Your data (Grounds Maintenance, Property Points, Site Services, Land Terrier, Footpaths, etc)
  • Ordnance Survey Mastermap Topography
  • Land Registry Polygons
  • 3rd party data (Census, Crime, Environment Agency, etc)

GISMO can be made available to all staff within your organisation and can be used on any device from a windows smartphone to an Ipad. There is also the option to add GISMO Mobile which will allow your staff to access, manage and capture data out in the field.

If you already have GISMO on GISCloud then you can access by clicking on the links below. Alternatively if you would like a demonstration of GISMO then please get in touch.