Development Teams

GIS plays a big part in helping developers make informed decisions to build the right homes in the right location and to plan and manage more effectively.

Title Plans

Tenants wishing to purchase their rented property require an ownership plan often outsourced to a Solicitor at a substantial cost. GIS enables you to do this for yourselves more efficiently and at a cheaper rate.

Site Feasibility

When you are looking to develop sites then GIS can support you and help you to make informed decisions by sourcing open data such as price paid data, current tenure types, population demographics , flood risk etc.

Development Overviews

GIS helps you to visualise your development sites, looking at current stock, identify any existing properties needing a lot of future investment that might be better redeveloped.

Location Profiles

Providing a map for a development site will help the project team to view potential issues they may face.

Garage Sites

Garage Sites offer an excellent development opportunity.  For example, GIS allows for sites to be identified where maybe a combination of garages and properties with a poor NPV will make for a profitable regeneration of the combined site.

Open Data

Access to open data such as census and Land Registry price paid information helps provide more insight.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

GIS can enable you to not only view your stock and the potential opportunities within that but also look at other providers ownership to see where you can possibly expand and work together.