Data Capture can be a daunting process to undertake, whether it be a complete Grounds Maintenance project or capturing Sales Plans, you can be rest assured that ODCGIS have the knowledge to help you choose the best solution.

ODCGIS have created Managed Service packages tailored for any size housing association, local government or private organisation. Providing GIS support, managing your GIS or hosting a GIS for you, along with maintaining your data and carrying out numerous GIS tasks as requested.

A GIS (Geographic Information System) won’t work without mapping and ODCGIS are ideally placed to source geographic data sets. Ordnance Survey’s MasterMap Topography is the base upon which other datasets can be overlaid including a range of Open Data sets.  Land Registry polygons are essential to understand what land you own and who adjoins you.

ODCGIS was formed in 1994 and the experience gained since then working in the Public and Private sectors offers a level of unrivalled GIS Mapping knowledge, especially in the social housing sector.

Welcome to ODCGIS

ODCGIS (Oxford Data Consultancy) is an innovative UK company headed by a managing director with over thirty years experience in providing consultancy and data capture to organisations within the public, social housing and private sectors.  In addition, our Director of Operations was previously GIS Officer at a housing association and brings a unique insight into the specific requirements of social housing providers.
With so much experience as a company, ODCGIS understand that no two projects are the same and are capable of defining the best solution, whatever your individual requirements may be.

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GIS Data Capture

Capturing important information takes time and skill, ensuring the information is being interpreted correctly and aligned accurately so that the data can be trusted and used without question.  ODCGIS have spent years developing routines to make the capture process as efficient as possible enabling them to complete a project far quicker than if an organisation was to undertake it in-house.

Accurately captured data will save time and money, the most tangible example being Grounds Maintenance Data which, once captured, can give significant savings of between 10%-15% on your grounds maintenance contracts.

GIS Managed Services

ODCGIS offer a range of Managed Service packages flexible enough to fulfil the requirements of any Housing Association.  To get the full benefit of a GIS somebody involved with the system must have significant expertise. GIS officers are in short supply and the costs are not insignificant. Organisations that have a GIS but do not have access to GIS expertise usually find that the system is not used to its full potential.

Our Managed Services will help you to get the most out of GIS without the pricey investment.  We have a team of GIS Officers, experts in the various GIS platforms who will do all the clever stuff and give you the final result.  Tasks can be conducted such as comparing your stock to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation domains to see which of your tenants are the most likely to be deprived. (See further tasks within the Managed Service page).

GIS Data Provision

Ordnance Survey’s MasterMap Topography is just one set of data that we can supply and is a prerequisite for getting the best out of a GIS.  Combined with Land Registry Polygons you can identify what land is legally yours.

There are also numerous ‘Open Data’ sets that can be used, flood data, Radon data, IMD and ASB data, crime data are just a few examples.  These data sets can be used to identify problems, shortfall in service or customer satisfaction, potential new development sites and much more.

GIS Consultancy

Here at ODCGIS, we use the term Consultancy as our way of helping you get the most for your business.  For example, are you looking as an organisation to embrace the benefits of GIS?  We can help you build a business case to put to your colleagues.  Are any of your properties affected by electrical apparatus?  We can identify any such properties using GIS and then negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible offer.

If you have housing stock, we can create a lettings profile for each property making it easier for a potential tenant to find a property that is right for them.  Right to buy plans can be created simply and quickly avoiding costly solicitor fees.  There are so many other ways ODCGIS can help you, if you have a problem, get in touch with us and we can help.

ODCGIS Business Areas

Regardless of whether your organisation has a GIS or not you can still take advantage of its many benefits.  ODCGIS offer a GIS Managed Service to social housing providers and local government as well as the private sector.  Services could include ongoing data management, regular supply of development site plans or they could be one off tasks preparing data for a report for example. 

To discuss your requirement click on the ENQUIRE NOW button or if you are social housing based and want to see how ODCGIS’ Managed Service can help you then click on the appropriate button below.

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