GIS Managed Services

The Managed Service packages which ODCGIS offer are created bespoke to your requirements and your budget. Have you thought about how you can get the benefits of GIS as an organisation but can’t make the business case to buy in the systems or the resource?  This is why we have created these Managed Service packages to help you get all the benefits of GIS within your organisation without having to spend a fortune on systems and resource.

How a GIS Managed Service Will Help You

ODCGIS provide you with not only the staff but also over 20 years experience in GIS and the social housing industry to truly help you to transform your organisation, provide insight and make strategic decisions based on data and intelligence.

Following a GIS Data Capture exercise one of the main problems we face is how an organisation can then make sure this effort is not lost in the future by not keeping it up to date.

As a client of our Managed Service you will have access to a GIS officer 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year who will be able to provide you with GIS support and maintain data as well as create new and run GIS analysis on your data.. Not only this but we will also ensure that you are within your licensing agreements with Ordnance Survey and also provide this data and keep it maintained. When taking out a Managed Service package with us you can either have your own GIS systems in-house such as Esri, Cadcorp, Mapinfo or QGIS and we will work with these or we can provide you with a low cost GIS web mapping solution (GISMO) which sits in the cloud so you have access to your information where ever you have internet access.

GIS Mapping Helps All Departments

GIS Mapping can support all areas of any social housing organisation.  We usually find that GIS is embraced by one department and then spreads into other areas as the full benefits are realised, very often saving both time and money.  This can be by making a process more efficient or allowing informed decisions to be made.  To find out more click on the relevant department below:

Suggested Tasks from Your GIS Managed Services

This is just a small selection of tasks that can be carried out on your behalf by ODCGIS’ Managed Service team of GIS experts.

NPV Data Analysis for Asset Management

Development Site Feasability

Indices of
Multiple Deprivation Analysis

Rent Arrears Analysis

Voids & Termination Reason Analysis

Right to Buy Titles Plans

Flood Risk Analysis

Create new Housing Officer Patches

Maintaining Grounds Maintenance Layers

Maintaining Property Point Layers

Updates of Ordnance Survey Data

Keep Open Data sources current

Lettings Location Profiles

Solar PV Analysis

Community Insight

Net Zero Carbon & Biodiversity Loss

GIS Managed Services Packages

Each package is customised to match your requirements taking into account how many properties you are responsible for, whether you have your own GIS and if you have your own GIS Officer who needs occasional support.

Bronze Package Solution

From 3 days Consultancy
With GISMO or your own GIS managed by ODCGIS.

Silver Package Solution

From 7 days Consultancy
With GISMO or your own GIS managed by ODCGIS.

Gold Package Solution

From 12 days Consultancy
With GISMO or your own GIS managed by ODCGIS.

Platinum Package Solution

From 18 days Consultancy
With GISMO or your own GIS managed by ODCGIS.

If you would like to know more about the tasks or services which ODCGIS provide as part of these packages then please get in touch.

Hosted GIS Service

Part of the ODCGIS Managed Service package is not only in providing GIS Consultancy to run GIS tasks and create GIS data for you, but also to  manage and maintain your GIS.  If you already have a GIS such as Esri, Cadcorp or QGIS etc then we will manage the system for you as well as ensuring layers are managed and kept up to date.

We can either host the data on our secure Amazon UK based web servers or manage from within your servers, whichever is preferred.

If you do not have a GIS then ODCGIS will supply you with a web GIS as part of your Managed Service.  This could be GISMO (GIS Mapping Online), which is white labelled for ODCGIS from XMAP or GISCloud or  Esri’s Arc Online maybe more suitable.  Either way we will manage and maintain this for you so you do not need to worry about the day to day running or any internal resource issues.

To find out more about GISMO please click the link below.