Community Investments

GIS is being used across all housing departments including Community Investment where GIS provides a new community insight into your data which you may never see from just a spreadsheet.  Sourcing Open Data in GIS gains far more insights than just using inhouse data in isolation. There is more and more open data becoming available with local authorities and other public bodies now providing and maintaining all sorts of useful information. For example Indices of Multiple Deprivation can really support with Community Investment programmes.  Other examples of where GIS can help with your Community Investments include:

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

View your survey results in a different way. Looking at this data geographically can provide further insights.

Population Demographics

If you are looking to promote services to your tenants as well as the community in general then GIS can be used to understand the community by looking at demographic profiles etc.

Investment Project Gap Analysis

Locating community projects and previous funding applications enables comparison with open data sets such as the IMD and enables identification of potential gaps in the service provision within the communities.

Support Community Groups

Being able to provide mapping and data to support community groups for them to complete grant paperwork so they can justify their requirements with maps and data.

Cottsway Housing Association use GIS to support their Community Insight programme and Sam Stronach who is Community Investment Officer spoke to Rick Thompson about how in the video below.