ODC have been busy supporting our Social Housing clients in the current situation we all find ourselves in. Many of our clients have requested a map to show the current UK cases and then supplementing this with information such as Staff Home Locations, Vulnerable Tenant locations and Travel Time analysis for all staff. This is supporting organisations in their business planning as the outbreak impacts their business, staff and tenants. 

On the back of this we have produced a map of the UK, split into LA/Health board regions.  There are a number of layers split as follows:

  • COVID-19 Number of Cases reported within an authority
  • COVID-19 Number of Cases per 10,000 people (This gives a better comparison between authorities)
  • COVID-19 Case change from yesterday
  • COVID-19 % change from yesterday
  • UK Shops This layer shows shops still open.  Warning, this list is not definitive and should be used as a guide only but will help your residents needing supplies.

Showing the number of cases per 10,000 etc will aid peoples understanding of the severity of the cases within their area.   Remarkable, at the time of writing, is the fact that the Shetland Islands has a higher rate per capita than London, in fact anywhere in the UK!

This open map is for anyone to access so please feel free to utilise and share away. We have used Esri UK Arc Online for producing this but have also done the same with other web GIS.  The map is updated daily and can be seen here

ODC UK COVID-19 Cases Map

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