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Ordnance Survey Data Provision

ODC is a registered partner of the Ordnance Survey and due to current legislation ODC can provide these products cheaper than the OS.

Not only do ODC provide you with the OS data in the format you require for your GIS / Web Mapping application but we also analyse the updates for you and notify you of the types of changes / updates have been made to your data holding.

Initial Supply of OS products

 ODC will:

  • Extract the data from the national database
  • Supply the data in the format that PCH utilise
  • Load the data onto PCH’s server

ODC will send a GIS officer on-site for this initial load to eliminate any issues and provide guidance into the utilisation of the purchased products and the OS OpenData freely available.



The Ordnance Survey provides updates to the national Topography and AddressBase Premium datasets every six weeks and the Imagery every quarter.

ODC will:

  • Review the six week and quarterly updates from the Ordnance Survey and identify any that affect the client.
  • If updates affect the client’s coverage ODC will recreate the data.
  • Load the data onto client’s server.
  • Advice the Clients OS liaison officer of the changes. For the Topography and AddressBase Premium ODC will provide overlays of the changes so the impact of these can be reviewed by the GIS administrator.